Value Management (VM) is the creative team based world class methodology that optimises value in products, services, projects, processes and organisations. Best practice VM is described in BS EN 12973:2020 and delivers an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, risk and cost. The proper balance results in optimised value.

  • Widely used throughout industry, public and not-for-profit sectors
  • Features organised facilitated team working and innovation
  • Return on Investment of typically between 10:1 & 100:1 or more.

VM is a globally recognised professional discipline with its own institutions (Institute of Value Management in the UK) and suite of professional qualifications.

The focus of our VM1 course is to give participants:

  • A clear understanding of each of the core elements of Value Management
  • The skills to participate actively and effectively in Value Studies
  • Required preparation for professional value management qualifications (QVA & PVM).

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Laura Robertson, Course Director

Course content

1. Core VM frameworks

VM frameworks provide the robust structure required for all successful VM studies:

  • Scoping VM studies
  • Core VM study workflows
  • Function / FAST amalysis
  • Creativity & evaluation workflows
  • BS EN 12973:2020 & Value for Europe

2. Managing stakeholders

Effective stakeholder management lies at the heart of all successful VM studies:

  • Stakeholder value research & analysis
  • Co-creating VM terms of reference
  • Managing stakeholders expectations
  • Stakeholder management strategies
  • High impact communications

3. VM techniques

Effective problem solving is a core competence for professional VM:

  • VM study research & data mgt
  • Dealing with missing information
  • Core VM techniques for investigating:
    • Products, services & projects
    • Policy, strategy & organisations
    • Operational improvement
    • Performance management
  • Creative problem solving & innovation
  • Option appraisal

4. Delivering results

Benefits realisation is the key to value delivery for all VM studies:

  • Project management frameworks
  • Best practice VM study follow-up
  • Continuous improvement methods
  • Change management techniques
  • Developing effective partnerships
  • Optimising procurement / outsourcing
  • Rescuing stuck or failing projects
  • Developing your VM career
  • Professional VM qualifications

Key benefits

Comprehensive delegate pack

  • Complete set of course notes
  • VM process templates
  • Copy of interactive workshop records
  • Real world VM case studies
  • Professional networking

Stakeholder management skills

  • Techniques to rapidly build credibility
  • How to win business
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • How to run problem solving workshops
  • Marketing professional VM services

Tools, techniques & frameworks

  • World-class VM process models
  • Product, service & project optimisation
  • Approaches to VM fact finding
  • Strategy & policy development
  • Organisational development
  • Methods to boost productivity & quality
  • Creative problem solving techniques
  • Change management frameworks

Real world VM studies, e.g.

  • Product & service improvement
  • Project value optimisation
  • Competitive strategy
  • Corporate strategy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Go to market / product launch strategy
  • Lean process improvement
  • Major systems engineering projects
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Strategic marketing
  • Major IT / IS projects
  • Asset investigations
  • Outsourcing
  • Service reviews
  • Accommodation reviews
  • DIP / workflow
  • Mobile / remote working
  • Start-ups
  • Option appraisals
  • Venture capital
  • Joint ventures
  • Social enterprises
  • Project rescues
  • Turnarounds

Course fees

Course fee per participant is £1,500 + VAT = £1,800.00

1st of 3 x Live Online VM courses leading to the Professional in Value Management (PVM) Qualification

NB Course structure and content are subject to ongoing improvement and change.