Our in-house courses develop your people and increase their skills while tackling real world problems. Their main benefits are:
  • Tailored for your organisation and challenges
  • Train your people and tackle business problems at the same time
  • Led and facilitated by world-class value practitioners and trainers
  • High Return on Investment
  • Widely used by clients in industry, public and not-for-profit sectors

Our in-house courses also enable people to work towards becoming expert facilitators using value management. Here is an overview of what we offer.
Please contact us for a reference for our in-house courses or view client testimonials here.

The Professional Consultant course

  • Core consulting frameworks
  • Writing consultancy proposals / TORs
  • Research & analysis tools for consultants
  • Innovation skills for consultants
  • Change management for consultants

The Facilitator Consultant course

  • Team building & facilitation skills
  • Lean operations toolkit
    Facilitation skills for consultants
  • Organisational culture & development
  • Bias for action & implementation

The Strategy Consultant course

  • Strategy consulting frameworks
  • Strategy consulting toolkit
  • How to innovate in competitive strategy
  • Practical approaches to corporate strategy
  • Strategic programme management