The Value for Europe (V4E), Value Management European Training and Certification System (ETCS), was introduced to improve European competitiveness and innovation by establishing standards of performance and competence in addition to creating appropriate training programmes in the application of the Value Management concept and Value Management methodologies as set out in BS EN 12973:2020 and its related Standards. The qualifications are awarded throughout the UK and the European Union and enjoy international recognition worldwide.

Qualified Value Associate (QVA)

A QVA is someone with a good understanding of the principles and core methods of best practice VM (BS EN 12973:2020). To secure the QVA qualification the person needs to:

  • Attend an IVM approved VM1 course
  • Participate in two VM studies as a team member
  • Complete the IVM’s QVA Application Form
  • Pass the IVM’s multiple choice assessment

Professional in Value Management (PVM)

The PVM is a professional VM practitioner skilled in the design, facilitation and leadership of value studies to global best practice (BS EN 12973:2020). The requirements to secure the PVM qualification are to:

  • Attend IVM approved VM1, VM2 & VM3 courses
  • Lead a minimum of two VM studies (more are recommended)
  • Complete the IVM’s PVM Application Form
  • Attend the PVM professional interview ( 1.5 hour Zoom call with 2 assessors)

Key information about VM qualifications

The professional application of Value Management by experienced VM qualified professionals can transform projects from ordinary and overspent into optimal and exceeding expectations.

Here is the roadmap for VM qualifications as specified by Value for Europe: