I attended the Professional Consultant Course that Mark was running when I was undergoing a career transition.

It was very evident from the beginning that he had an excellent, in-depth knowledge of the consulting profession, and that he was gifted with the ability to relate his vast knowledge and experience to a mixed audience of seasoned consultants and those like myself with no prior formal exposure to the profession.

Mark had an approachable and pragmatic manner and the knowledge he was able to pass on greatly assisted me to make key decisions during my career transition phase. I highly recommend him to those who are seeking similar clarity.

Ian Kirkby
Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force

The courses are stimulating, challenging, inclusive and highly participative. They are pretty full on, but one leaves with a sense of three days well spent both financially and in terms of ones personal time.

He has a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, a wide range of case studies covering both the public and private sectors and the ability to enable participants to leave his courses with a box of tools and the confidence to use them effectively.

Anita Cacchioli
Director, Environment Culture & Sport, Reading Council

A great three course programme on business consulting that focuses on: a) removing the mystique surrounding the consulting profession and processes b) giving you the tools and techniques to be an effective consultant c) does it in a way that engages you and makes you want to participate.

He is also very supportive and works in a very professional manner.

Tony Sudworth
Senior Business Consultant, Companies House

I have attended consulting skills courses delivered by Mark. The pace, content and engagement was excellent and the support received for the qualification is very helpful.

Bev Webb
Head of Internal Consultancy, Ecclesiastical Insurance

The training is well-structured and rigorous, incorporating up-to-date research within the framework of value management. The result is a set of practical tools which I’ve been able to incorporate into projects.

He also maintains a high level of creativity and fun in sessions, encouraging participants to engage fully in the development and application of techniques and making the learning very effective.

Jerome Long
Principal Consultant, Airwave

I recently attended the strategy consultant, the lean operations consultant and the professional consultant.

As director of a charity, I found the material equally applicable to the not-for-profit environment and I can thoroughly recommend the series of courses to anyone who has an interest in this sector, whether working externally or internally.

Christian Bamber
Director of Service Delivery, Blue Cross

Mark is an excellent Tutor; both committed and adaptable. He established a good working relationship with the people attending the course through his innovative approach, knowledge and clarity of purpose.

I would be pleased to recommend Mark as an expert in Value Management and the delivery of associated training in this topic.

Louise Calver
Business Change Consultant at Thales Consulting

The Professional Consultant Course provides a practical introduction to consulting skills with plenty of helpful tools and real life examples.

It has built my skills and confidence in creating compelling proposals and delivering value to clients.

Carolyn Morgan
Managing Director, Penmaen Media

Provided a superb preparation for the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCE). This memorable training event figures in the top 5 of my career. Useful content, excellent delivery.

David Brookes
IT and Change Projects, Calderdale Council

As part of my continuous professional development plan working towards Professional in Value Management, I have now used AM Skills for both advanced 1 & 2 professional consultant courses. Mark’s ability to transfer his extensive knowledge has reinforced and enhanced my understanding of Value Management and the role of the professional consultant.

His use of case studies and team exercises ensure ‘learning by doing’ and result in a very rewarding training experience. From someone working daily in the VM role I can highly recommend Mark to add value to any professional wishing to strengthen their knowledge of this subject.”

John Dunbar
Value Engineering Director, Johnson Controls

Mark’s sessions on the professional and strategy consultant are beyond doubt true value for money. Mark’s highly analytical capabilities, combined with his out-of-the-box insights and a cherished sense of humour, leaves a concrete impact on any participant’s learning curve in management consulting.

I highly recommend Mark’s contribution to every professional looking to sharpen his management skills.

Akram Okeili
Founder / Managing Partner at Okeili & Co

Mark invited me to work with him running a strategy workshop with the senior management of a leading pharmaceutical company. It was a pleasure to see him at work.

Mark’s enthusiasm and the quality of his material had the client teams (a total of ~40 people, from several countries) fully engaged and wrestling with the strategic issues each faced.

Each country team left with a clear strategic agenda for the year ahead and raring to go. Mark was also responsible for injecting a lot of fun into the workshop, and I learnt a lot that I hope will improve my own facilitation and ability to work with clients.

Graham Jeffery
Independent Strategy Consultant

Mark brings a vast wealth of experience and practical advice to the course which should, I firmly believe, be an essential part of any consultant’s portfolio of skills and development.

The 3-module course is stimulating, interactive and packed with advice, anecdotal evidence and a range of practical tools which combine to raise the standard of any budding or practising consultant.

Mark’s personal commitment to the course makes it the success that it is and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found the AMS series of courses in the first place and to have gained so much, in terms of professional development, from them.

Martyn Coleman
Partner, The Bridge Alliance

I attended The Professional Consultant and found it very helpful. A very useful 3 day session, with lively discussion among participants.

Tools and frameworks presented were very insightful and I am looking forward to using them in my interaction with clients.

Rayhan Abdulmughnee
E-Business Architect, University of Warwick

I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for the professional way which you have designed and delivered the three courses leading to the Diploma in Management Consultancy.

During my time in both the private and public sector, I have received a considerable amount of training in all sorts of areas but with AMS I found something different. The courses brought together a wide range of techniques drawn from what would usually be delivered as separate individual specialist areas, some of which I have covered before.

I found the overall effect therefore has been to enhance and improve the process of ‘Getting the bigger picture’, a skill which I already practice with clients and which now will become a significantly improved and developed process for me to deliver.

David Lindsay
Director, Midland Business Mentoring