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Please work through the lessons on the right by clicking the indicated links. Each Unit is supported by a webinar in which core concepts are explained, case studies are discussed and tacit consulting skills are shared.

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13. Facilitation Skills for Consultants

As consultants, we often work with client teams and need to become extremely skilled in the art of facilitation. The purpose of this module is to show you:

  • When to work with clients as a facilitator
  • How to plan client workshops
  • Tips for conducting face-to-face client workshops

Please attend the webinar and complete the following activities…

13.1 When to Work With Clients as a Facilitator

A significant amount of consulting work can often be done independently of the client. However, to get best results, there’s nothing like a multidisciplinary team to thrash through issues, brainstorm ideas and identify viable options. Indeed, these days a considerable amount of consulting is conducted in client workshops. These are exciting events and if well facilitated are normally great fun for all participants. However they require a good understanding of when they are appropriate and how to get the most out of them. Please read the following lesson.

Lesson – When to Work as a Facilitator With Clients

13.2 How to Plan Client Workshops

However good you are as a consultant, it is a big mistake to attempt to ‘wing it’ in a client workshop (see the video below!). With careful preparation however you can make a great success of any client workshop. What is particularly good about this, apart from the results and professional satisfaction, is that we get to extend our networks to workshop participants we may not have met before. This is extremely good for building our professional reputation and often results in further client referrals.

Lesson – How to Plan Client Workshops

13.3 How to Conduct Client Workshops

Let’s be honest, there is a bit of a ‘show off’ in most consultants and client workshops are a great place to strut our stuff! We’ve prepared thoroughly, greeted our participants, explained the agenda and off we go.

Eight hours later, and perhaps a bit tired, people are laughing and joking and planning to go out together in the evening. Several of them come up to us to say what a great event it has been. Clearly we must have done something right! To find out what, please join our webinar workshop on the topic and read the lesson below.

Lesson – How To Conduct Client Workshops