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Please work through the lessons on the right by clicking the indicated links. Each Unit is supported by a webinar in which core concepts are explained, case studies are discussed and tacit consulting skills are shared.

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11. Ethics in Consultancy

Like any other profession, consultancy operates within an ethical framework. Ethical consultants are trusted by their clients, respected by their colleagues and accepted as valuable members of the business community. Unethical consultants risk losing the trust of their clients and colleagues and may suffer the ultimate humiliation of legal action, being fired or even being put out of business. The purpose of this module is to show you:

  • The Consultancy Code of Conduct & Professional Practice
  • Examples of ethical dilemmas in consultancy and strategies for resolving them

Ultimately ethical consultancy is good for business, good for your career and is in the interest of everyone working in the industry.

Please attend the webinar and complete the following activities…

11.1 The Consultancy Code of Conduct & Professional Practice

From time to time there is a spectacular corporate collapse due to corruption, poor governance and unethical consulting practices. Probably the best known of these is the failure of Enron which resulted in Arthur Anderson and Anderson Consulting, one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms, going out of business. The response to incidents like these have been the development of a suitable consultancy code of conduct and professional practice.

At an international level, the ICMCI (International Council of Management Consulting Institutes) sets a framework for ethics in consulting. At a country level, local professional institutes usually expand on this. Please read the following for more information.

Resource – International Code of Professional Conduct for Consultants (ICMCI)
Resource – UK Code of Professional Conduct (Institute of Consulting)

11.2 Ethical Dilemmas in Consulting – Some Examples

From time to time you may find yourself, as a professional consultant, facing an ethical dilemma. Don’t feel that you need to deal with it on your own. In fact the best way to tackle it is to discuss the issue with an experienced colleague. Chances are that either they have encountered the problem before or that they have the experience to help you rapidly resolve it. Please read the following lessons for examples of typical ethical dilemmas in both external and internal consulting. [The purpose of this module is to alert you to some common ethical dilemmas and help you develop tools for dealing with them.]

Lesson – Typical Ethical Dilemmas in Consulting