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Please work through the lessons on the right by clicking the indicated links. Each Unit is supported by a webinar in which core concepts are explained, case studies are discussed and tacit consulting skills are shared.

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07. Core Creativity Techniques For Consultants

Consultancy is a multifaceted activity that involves a wide range of professional knowledge, behaviours and skills. Although effective research and analysis may lead to valuable insights, many client problems cannot be resolved without creativity. This makes consulting a holistic professional framework using a wide range of intellectual skills. The objective of this module is to give you a good practical understanding of:

  • The role of creativity in consulting
  • Personal creativity for consultants
  • Team creativity techniques for consultants

Please attend the webinar and complete the following activities…

7.1 The Role Of Creativity In Consulting

Most real world business problems have a number of different solutions. Clients like options and our role as a professional consultant is to help them identify and evaluate these options. Some of these options may be obvious, others may become apparent from studying other organisations or perhaps competitors. Other options may need to be invented from scratch. It is your role as a consultant for your client to identify the options – whatever this entails.

Lesson – Creativity In Consultancy

Resource – BBC Article – Sleep On It

7.2 Personal Creativity For Consultants

Are you the sort of person who is constantly asking ‘Is there a better way to do things?’ or perhaps ‘Why don’t we try doing this differently?’. If so, you have the potential for a great career in consulting. The best consultants love problem solving, coming up with new ideas and are always challenging themselves and their clients to do things better. Indeed, consulting is one of the few professional activities where you regularly get a chance to see your ideas adopted in the real world and make a real difference.

Lesson – Personal Creativity for Consultants

7.3 Team Creativity Techniques For Consultants

A carefully chosen, well facilitated, multi-disciplinary team will almost always outperform its most creative individual member. As a consultant you can harness the power of team creativity by working closely with your client and their people in creative workshops.

Lesson – How to Facilitate a Creative Workshop