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Please work through the lessons on the right by clicking the indicated links. Each Unit is supported by a webinar in which core concepts are explained, case studies are discussed and tacit consulting skills are shared.

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03. Client Situation Analysis – Entry & Diagnosis

As consultants, we are approached by potential clients because they have a problem to solve. We need to rapidly assess the client’s situation and develop a robust proposal to help them clarify the problem and solve it. This process is called client situation analysis and covers the process of entry and diagnosis.

We must also build a great professional relationship with the client. For clarity this is explained separately in ‘Module 4. Building Client Relationships’.

The purpose of this module is to show you how to:

  • Capture key client information
  • Develop the consulting study plan (i.e. plan the engagement)
  • Develop the client proposal and set fees

Please attend the webinar and complete the following activities…

3.1 Capturing Key Client Information

Consultants need to rapidly capture enough information from early client discussions to prepare a sound proposal. The client reviews this, may suggest changes and then commissions the consulting engagement. Clients do not normally pay for the consultant’s time at this stage and we therefore need to obtain this information extremely efficiently.

3.2 Developing The Consulting Study Plan

The Consulting Work Plan is our detailed action plan for tackling the engagement. It clearly communicates to the client what work needs to be done, by when and by whom (which could be either the consultant or client team). Without a clear work plan the consulting engagement is very likely to either fail entirely or fail to deliver full benefits or value.

3.3 Developing The Client Proposal

The client proposal is the contract between the consultant and client. It clearly sets out the work programme, accountabilities, deliverables and any fees and costs.