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Please work through the lessons on the right by clicking the indicated links. Each Unit is supported by a webinar in which core concepts are explained, case studies are discussed and tacit consulting skills are shared.

Professional Certifications

01. Welcome & Introduction <= Click module headings to return to the Main Menu

Welcome to the programme! Please read this brief module to learn how our blended learning environment works.

1.1 How To Set Up Your Computer

Our blended learning system has been designed to work on most common browsers. These include Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We use Chrome which works well. Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled (Google ‘enable pop-ups’ for your browser for instructions). We recommend that you use a laptop / desktop PC rather than a tablet or smartphone (PCs or Macs are fine). Now you are ready to get started.

1.2 How This Programme Is Organized

This programme is organized as a collection of online resources, webinar workshops and emailed activities. After logging in you will find a list of numbered modules on the left of your screen making up the programme. You can jump to each module by clicking the relevant link. To return to the home page click the module heading at the top of each page.

Consulting is a complex subject and the course is structured in a sequence that builds to give a complete picture. This means that although you can access each module, the full detail will be revealed during the relevant webinar. Effective consulting features a lot of tacit knowledge which we share with you during the webinars.

Please contact your tutor by email if you get stuck at any point and we will help you.

1.3 How To Participate In Our Online Webinar Workshops

A core part of the learning experience is our online webinar workshops. We agree dates in advance to suit participants and you will receive a Google Calendar confirmation. We normally use Skype but sometimes use other VOIP systems as required by factors such as Skype coverage, etc.

Please note that:

  • We use UK local time for all workshops. Google ‘Time in UK’ to work out the time difference with your timezone. Please recheck this a day before each workshop at the end of March and October due to UK clocks being adjusted by one hour for British Summer Time.
  • Please be ready to start at the agreed time as a courtesy to other participants.
  • During the online workshop you will be able to hear the facilitator (switch on your PC speaker), view our shared screen.
  • You will be logged out automatically at the end of each workshop.

We strongly recommend:

  1. A high quality broadband internet connection.
  2. A good USB headset such as the Sennheiser PC8 => see

Background noise or echos are a huge problem in webinars which a good USB Headset normally fixes.

1.4 Next Steps

We greatly look forward to working with you!