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Mark Law, Lead Tutor

Expert consulting practitioner with extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Consulting Career Mentor to London Business School MBA students and Alumni.
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Client Review
“As an experienced ex-McKinsey consultant I was intrigued by the opportunity to explore the consulting profession from a different perspective. The 3 courses really broadened my skillset and showed me how to stretch my capabilities and leverage my experience into sectors and organisations well beyond those traditionally served by the big consultancies. I'd throughly recommend Mark's professional consulting courses to any ex-MBB (McKinsey, BCG or Bain) consultants seeking to challenge their preconceptions of the consulting profession and optimise their offerings in the real world of independent strategy consulting."

Alvaro Triana, Formerly at McKinsey & Company


Podcasts for Professionals

Keeping up-to-date in the fast moving world of business, technology and science is a real challenge for busy professionals. Why not download podcasts onto your Gizmo (SmartPhone, iPod or portable media player) and listen to them during your dead time (i.e. travelling or at the gym)? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Acquire a suitable media player (I use a Windows SmartPhone with a 4GB microSD card)
  2. Install podcast software on your PC – I use the free program ‘Juice’ from
  3. Subscribe to podcast feeds by clicking the + button in ‘Juice’ and copying & pasting podcast URLs in. See below for a list of my favourite podcast feeds. For a wide choice you can use the podcast directory built into ‘Juice’ or one of the many podcast search engines available, including ITunes.
  4. Go into ‘Preferences’ in ‘Juice’ and choose a directory to download podcasts to (I use c:temppodcasts)
  5. Download your podcasts into onto your hard drive by clicking the relevant button in ‘Juice’
  6. Create a directory on your gizmo (PDA / mobile phone / mp3) player called ‘podcasts’
  7. Just before you travel upload your podcasts into this ‘podcasts’ directory on your gizmo
  8. Enjoy your podcasts!

My favourite podcast feeds are (copy and paste the URLs into the podcast software on your PC):

  1. Peter Day: World of Business (BBC) –
  2. Peter Day: In Business (BBC) –
  3. Evan Davis: The Bottom Line (BBC) –
  4. World Technology (BBC) –
  5. Digital Planet (BBC) –
  6. Scientific American –
  7. The Economist –
  8. Business Weekly (BBC) –

I’ve collected hundreds of hours of these fascinating, useful programmes which I listen to both on the move and on a particularly sadistic cross training machine.


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  13-15 March 2019

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  19-21 November 2018
  18-20 March 2019

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