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Expert consulting practitioner with extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Consulting Career Mentor to London Business School MBA students and Alumni.
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“As an experienced ex-McKinsey consultant I was intrigued by the opportunity to explore the consulting profession from a different perspective. The 3 courses really broadened my skillset and showed me how to stretch my capabilities and leverage my experience into sectors and organisations well beyond those traditionally served by the big consultancies. I'd throughly recommend Mark's professional consulting courses to any ex-MBB (McKinsey, BCG or Bain) consultants seeking to challenge their preconceptions of the consulting profession and optimise their offerings in the real world of independent strategy consulting."

Alvaro Triana, Formerly at McKinsey & Company

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Creating Value and Employability

Creating value is the key to landing a job

Whenever a client or employer is thinking of engaging you they are placing a bet. You may have got your first job out of college purely on the basis of your hard-won degree and interview performance but thereafter you are a walking wager. Each of us carries a large invisible sign saying “Place your bets here – this guy has the potential to make or lose us a fortune!”.

So how do we make ourselves attractive in a competitive world? How do we tell everyone we’re the greatest thing since the SmartPhone but in a way that is subtle, understated and of course typically British (I wish I wasn’t!).

Well, we have two tasks. First we need to find a way to ‘radiate value’. We need to tastefully broadcast that we are a quality product, a fantastic bet and that any prospective client / employer would be negligent not to engage us. Some tips for how to ‘radiate value’:

  • Good, relevant academic qualifications (collect them like stamps)
  • Professional certifications (hoover them up)
  • Have an ‘iconic’ company on your CV (if possible)
  • Testimonials (use LinkedIn or similar)
  • Be knowledgeable and generous with your expertise
  • Be enthusiastic and creative (without being annoying)
  • Come over as ‘professional’ (develop a good ‘bedside manner’)
  • Engage in CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
  • Above all else, be visible in your marketplace

Second we need to be able to actually deliver value. This is more challenging (look at any politician). Here are some tips:

  • Understand value for your client / prospective employer
  • Work out how to increase it
  • Sell yourself as the best bet to deliver this value increase
  • Give them a ‘free trial’ – show them what you can do
  • Deliver results (and trumpet them tastefully)

If you can do all of the above you will rarely be out of work.

Creating Value

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  18-20 May, 2020

The Strategy Consultant

  16-18 November, 2020

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