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Expert consulting practitioner with extensive experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Consulting Career Mentor to London Business School MBA students and Alumni.
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“As an experienced ex-McKinsey consultant I was intrigued by the opportunity to explore the consulting profession from a different perspective. The 3 courses really broadened my skillset and showed me how to stretch my capabilities and leverage my experience into sectors and organisations well beyond those traditionally served by the big consultancies. I'd throughly recommend Mark's professional consulting courses to any ex-MBB (McKinsey, BCG or Bain) consultants seeking to challenge their preconceptions of the consulting profession and optimise their offerings in the real world of independent strategy consulting."

Alvaro Triana, Formerly at McKinsey & Company

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Professional Networking Check List

Venue: London Business School. Format: 45 minute interactive presentation + Q&A

Speaker: Ellen Miller, Faculty of Organisational Behaviour

Whoever you are and whatever your aspirations, the chances are that your success is closely linked to your professional networking skills.

I recently attended a number of events on the subject. This one was particularly interesting due to the following check list which I have adapted to make it more useful: Continue reading

Building Change Ready Organisational Cultures

Venue: London Business School. Format: 3 x 20 minute presentations + Q&A

Speakers: Paul Farley (British Airways), Mark Spears (KPMG) and Chris Bones (Dean of Henly Business School)

This action packed event covered way too much in an hour to do the subject of change management full justice. However, each of the speakers described major change in their ‘home’ organisation and drew some learning from it. Change programmes were described at KPMG (the big accounting firm), at British Airways (currently facing major commercial challenges) and at Henly Business School (following a recent merger).

Although change management is a highly complex subject the key takeaway from this event for me was the concept of breaking change down into its three main elements: planning change, winning support for change and implementing change. Some useful points under each of these headings were: Continue reading




Isn’t time you got out a bit more? No, I’m not referring to your appetite for nightlife – mine has been relatively quiet since I left the mayhem of the oil industry a few years ago!

What I’m talking about here is going to evening events organised by professional institutions. All it takes is a couple of hours, a few cheerful handshakes with like minded people, the swapping of business cards, a lecture on an interesting topic and a few canapés and drinks afterwards. A pleasant way to spend an evening, catch up on some CPD, meet old friends and of course network.

Alas, not all of us can attend events that easily. We may live in a quiet part of the world, we may have pressing family commitments or our partner may simply just not trust us!

I normally get to two or three of these events a month, often organised at London Business School (currently the world’s No1 Business School, according to the FT). These feature world-class speakers on a wide variety of interesting topics. Lectures tend to be themed by academic discipline or organised by the various thriving LBS Alumni Clubs.

My purpose here is to let you have a commentary on some of the more interesting talks I attend. I hope you find them useful.

Continue reading

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